There wasn’t alot of trim to go back on but the glass needed reinstalling plus all the door parts, etc.. I found halogen headlights with built in turn signals which  solved that problem.

Next I installed the rear axle. I used a  ’93 Linclon Mark VII rear axle with posi, disc brakes, torque shocks and rear sway bar. It was just about the same width as the Pacer but was a coil rear suspension so the housing would have to be modified to fit the Pacers leaf spring rear. I also had to build special body brackets for the sway bar and torque shocks. I  purchased slotted and drilled rotors for the front and rear. The shocks are KYB gas-a-just shocks. I was going to install heavy duty air shocks but they were too wide to fit with the axle and torque shocks.

The next step was finishing out the engine compartment. My plan was to finish it and then slide the entire engine/tranny assembly under the car and lift it into position.

The drivetrain, rear axle and crossmember/front end assembly was completed before I started any of the body work so putting the car back together is going fairly quickly. There are always those challenges you face doing a custom that sneek up on you and slow things up. I’m sure there will be more.