Time for the drivetrain to go together. I restored another V-8 Pacer several years ago and slid the motor and crossmember, as an assembly,underneath the car and lifted it into place. It worked so well I decided to do the same thing but add the tranny and clutch this time.

I set the crossmember on a piece of plywood with several 2″ abs pipes underneath. Once the drivetrain assembly was together I jacked the car front up and slid the drivetrain under, moving the pipes that rolled out from the front to the back. Then lowering the car, moving the cherrypicker over the motor and hoisting it into place around the frame. If your familiar with the Pacer front end, four nuts and two bolts and your all mounted. You have to remove the two bolts on the inner part of the upper control arm and move them out of the way until the crossmember is mounted then put a jack underneath the lower control control arm and jack it up then swing the uppers into place and secure.

The T-5 rear engine mount will take a little work and the driveshaft will have to be shortened. I’ll tackle that next. I was going to have the factory radiator modified (shortened) and changed to a three core but found a new racing alluminum radiator that would fit (barely) at a fraction of the cost. A few modifications and it went in. It actual fits a fox body Mustang. I also replaced the Pacer rack and pinion set up with a fox body Mustang quick ratio rack and pinion. A few more alterations and it fit perfectly. The trick will be getting the steering shaft around the Edelbrock Headers. My freind used a Borgeson joint to do the trick.