I decided to use a Mustang rack and pinion steering set up in the Pacer mainly because I wanted faster steering and they don’t make quick ratio steering gears for Pacers. Besides the Pcer R&P is like driving your grandmothers car, way too slow lock to lock. Along with that Mustang R&P units are alot easier to find then the Pacer. So many of their steering and suspension parts are becoming obsolete. It is not too difficult to do the switch but it does take some work. First remove the old Pacer R&P set up with outer tie rod ends and toss it or ? Then  remove the mounting brackets including the large welded plate on the left side. You will need to weld new mounting brackets onto the cross member. I did them in a u-shape with enough room between the mount and the crossmember to get the bolt and nut in. Then I welded a side brace just so I didn’t get any side movment in hard steering. While you’re at it you can replace the stock Mustang mount bushings with ployurethane or polygraphite bushings for more positve steering (another advantage in using the Mustang R&P). You want to make sure ( in a V-8 Pacer anyway) that you shift the gear far enough to the left to get around the exaust manifold with the steering shaft. If you are using the new Edelbrock headers get over as far as you can. I have not, as yet, hooked up the steering shaft and that will take a few borgeson joints but it should work. Then repaint and mount the new steering unit. The outer tie rod ends on the Mustang R&P are long enough for the Pacer front end and fit, as far as I can tell, right into the AMC steering arms tapered shafts. Next is hooking up the power steering hoses, which I have not done yet. But I’ll let you know once I get that and the steering shaft completed. Good luck!