At some point I wanted to get the Pacer home so I could finish the interior and final details. Everything that needed to be done in the shop was done. I didn’t want to do any paint or mechanical work in my own garage just in case I had some spill or smell problems. Figuring out the steering was frustrating and took me about 3 months just because I had to take some breathers so I didn’t start pounding on the car when angry. Putting it on the trailer was a Challenge. The Pacer was, “The first wide small car”, And with the wider wheels it left me with only about 1 1/2″ on each side from bare rim to trailer metal.

It was slow going but with alittle help from my jack we got it on.

Unloading I thought would be slow. Since it was so tight we had to take it off very carefully because it would be running down hill and we had no way of slowing it down. I decided to put some pull straps on both sides and let it down slowly an inch or two at a time. It was working great until my son let off tension for about 6″ at once. Well, it picked up too much speed and, “POP!”, went the straps and away went the Pacer. To my surprise it rolled off straight and the rims came through without a scratch. A little grunting and it is now home, ready to be finished and close enough to work on it in the evenings.

Gave it a little bath and ready for a few pics. It was way too cramped in the shop to get any good pictures.

One last sho