Well, I was just a few days from a completed project when one of those wierd problems, I always seem to get, showed up. First the good news. The interior and bed are completed, paint touch up about done and lots of little minor details done.

I just needed to get it running and take it down to get the exaust system done. Started up on the first try, once I got a few electrical problems figured out. Changing from an automatic to a standard trans and from an electronically controled ignition to an HEI distributor will do that to you. It sounded great but what was that huge oil puddle under the front end? There was oil leaking all around the oil pump mount so I pulled the pump bottom replaced the gaskets with not any better results. Replaced them again, this time talking a file to the bottom of the timing case cover and pump bottom surface to make sure I didn’t have some little spike holding the surfaces apart. Not it, still leaking, alot! So I pulled the alternator to get a better look and there it was. A crack in the timing case cover just above the oil pump. Now I get to pull everything off the front of the motor and replace the cover. It’s a job I didn’t want to have to do once the engine was in. To make it worse I bought an aftermarket harmonic balancer from “Professional Products”  that was near impossible to get on because it was machined so tight. If I can get it off I will probably go back to the stock balancer. If I can’t get it off, I’m screwed. I was really hoping to have it ready for shows this summer but unless things go very smoothly the show season will be over for this year. Too bad, so sad.