My inspritation came from a few different areas. One was my love for automobile design. I’ve always had the desire to take things that were abused or just ugly and make them better and a bit of a fan for the underdog. Well, the Pacer may be one of the biggest underdogs of all time. Second was this Pacer pickup Prototype built by Carl Green back in the mid 70’s for AMC.

Third, I had a freind who built this shortened Corvair in the early 70’s that got me on the custom kick. He ended up putting an LT-1 350 in the front and it was a screamer. A cut of 36″ out of the center section.

Then I built my own 2-seater from a 1978 V-8 Concord in the early 90’s. Mated with a 401 and T-5 tranny it was alot of fun.

I always loved Ranchero’s and El Camino’s so the Pacer pickup idea was a perfect fit. I just hoped it would turn out O.K..

Personally, I think it’s a huge step up from a stock Pacer. There were always elements of the Pacer design that I liked and always believed with some tweaking it could be beautiful.