Welcome! My name is Rob Pedersen and this is my first attempt at a blog so be kind. Please feel free to leave comments.

When I was a teenager a friend of mine decided to take his 4-door Corvair and build a two seater out of it. They cut 36 inches from the center and welded the front of the front door to the rear of the rear door and welded the body back together. Then they pulled the rear engine and replaced it with a front mounted 350 LT-1 V-8. What a ride! That sparked a fire in me that has never left.

 As a youngster I loved automobile design and began drawing sketches of my own. After seeing the AMC Pacer Prototype Pickup, Built by Carl Green Enterprises, I knew someday I had to take my own shot at it. I always enjoy a good challenge so why not an AMC Pacer? The following is my journey, that began many years ago, and the resulting project.

My first thought was to build it from a Coupe (since I already had one).After some sketch work I thought it was pretty awesome looking but in the end decided to hold out for a wagon. Over the course of a few years I sketched until I had what I pretty much wanted. I knew it would be an enormous project but couldn’t wait to get started. Eventually I was able to move all other projects aside and began moving forward. My son needed something to race for high school drag racing club, since his Mustang tranny took a dump, so I was able to trade some architectural work with a freind for a ’78 Pacer Wagon with the factory 304 V-8 auto set up (to be modified to a 401, 5-speed). It ended up being a good candidate.

As I began My project in the back of my mind were always the questions; Would it really turn out like the prototype sketch I had drawn?, What was I thinking, putting all this work into a Pacer? The last thing I wanted was a custom “fish bowl” Pickup. But there were  certain caracteristics to the Pacers design that I really liked. The low slung short front end, it’s wide stance, integrated door frames and the mechanical guts underneath.

   I would have to deal with the low-round body/tall door design but had some ideas on how to mitgate those problems.