I have done a few other T-5 conversions in a Gremlin & Concord but never in a Pacer. It created some new challenges. First , of course, you need a bellhousing from an AMC SR-4 or later AMC T-5 transmission set up. Luckily the input shaft on the T-5 has the same shank as the T-10 so An AMC clutch kit for an earlier 401 fits perfect. The shaft on the SR-4 is the same length as the T-5 so that did not need any modification but the input shaft bearing cover on the T-5 is a little longer and will need to be shortened to match the SR-4. The diameter of the outer edge of the bearing retainer will also need to be reduced so it fits into the SR-4 bell housing opening . The crankshaft bushing will need to be replaced with a T-5 Bearing which needs to be altered. Get both a T-10 bushing and a T-5 bearing and take them to your local machine shop. Have them reduce the out side diameter of the T-5 Bearing to match the outside diameter of the T-10 bushing then press the bearing into the back of the crankshaft. It’s also a good idea to have them do the work on the bearing retainer to get a nice finish product but you could do it yourself. You will need to remove the old crankshaft busing wether or not you have a standard trans or automatic. Next is the rear engine (or transmission) mount. This will have to be custom made. The first picture shows my first attempt and it worked just fine except the tranny set up a little too high so I built another that drops it 1″ lower. You’ll use the stock Mustang T-5 tranny mount. Except for alterations to the driveshaft and fitting the T-5 yoke to it you’re about done. So I thought! A couple of nights ago I went to install the freshly restored clutch linkage. Converting over from an automatic the pedal assembly needed swaping and went in great, especially with the dash out. Next the clutch linkage. Should be a 30-45 minute job right? Well it didn’t work out that way. When I went to install the Z-bar the frame mount and the bell housing mount were way off, about 4″-5″ difference front to back. I checked my parts book and they all showed the same part numbers for mounts and clutch parts so I took a second, third and fourth look. No way was it going to work. I checked out another Pacer and found that the 6-cyl. Pacer engine sits about 4″-5″ further back in the engine compartment than does the V-8. What was the deal? It didn’t show different part numbers for any of the parts in the parts book. Then, Duh! They didn’t make a V-8 standard trans Pacer. I didn’t run into that problem in my Gremlin or Concord. The bell housing mounting location was set in stone so the modification would have to come from the frame mount. Luckily I had a bell housing mount bracket from a Gremlin/Hornet, which was about 1 1/2″ shorter in length, which helped pull the engine mount Z-bar location back a bit. My next challenge was the frame side. As I moved forward the frame moved upward and there was no were to mount the Z-bar frame bracket. So I made a template for a custom mount that would screw into the mount holes of the old bracket mount location. I would need to have it machined as I don’t have any tools to cut a hole appx. 1″ or so in diameter. As I was looking through some parts for something else I found a coumn shift lever with the correct hole size that has now become my bracket and the linkage is now complete. That’s about it. not too difficult and in the end it will be alot more fun than an automatic. I won’t be towing anything anyway. By the way you will need to cut the floor mount for the shifter but I figured that was a given. I did replace the stock Ford shifter with a Hurst short shifter. They work so much better.