By now I was pretty sure it was going to turn out so I moved forward finishing the ground effects kit and truck bed. I didn’t really know how to make a mould so I contacted a local fiberglass fabricator, got some good info and purchased some products. First I had to coat the flares and bumpers with gel coat then release agent and two coats of wax. Then another coat of gel coat for the mould base and then fiberglassing. The fiberglassing was a mess.

 Long story short, I completed the kit and started the bed. After alot of templates and metal fabricating I had it completed. The tailgate ended up being as much work as the bed. Had I not tried to integrate the spoiler into the tailgate and tie it in to the bed rails it would have gone much faster.

 Next I attached the ground effects kit and was ready for body work. Just for fun I put the wheels back on to get a peek at what the final product would be.

WOW! I loved it. I needed to see that to keep my motivation up. It was really getting fun now. I was happy to finally be at the body work stage. It was alot of work getting there. First I completely disassembled the body for cleaning and any unseen problems. Everything came off.

Prime and then paint finally gets us up to date and ready to move on to finishing.